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Helping People with Special Needs Find You Fast!



Our Mission Statement


Access Travel Center was started in 2002 to assist people with a wide range of disabilities. Over 650 million people are living with disabilities worldwide; 50+ Million live in the US alone. In the last 9 Years over 4,448,000 people from all over the world have visited us with a 98.7 return rate. Access Travel Center.com offers you a quick and easy proven system to reach your key audience with targeted options that gets results fast!


The U.S. has a people-with-disabilities economy that consists of:

Research shows adults with disabilities spend, on average, twice as much time online as adults without disabilities - 25 hours per week compared to 10 hours per week.

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ATC is now one of the World’s Largest Resources, with over 30,000 Time and Money Saving Links. Plus “Go Local” State information and 44 Countries.

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Here’s how Access Travel Center will work for you 24/7:


  1. Your company's 5-Star Listing indicating your Company’s sponsorship of a special page covering your state or region (only four 5-Star Listings are allowed for each city or region). Under: Accessible Van Rentals, Accessible Van Sales, Mobility Products & Services, Vacation Rentals, Non- Emergency Medical Transport, Jet Charters.
  2. Your Company’s Full Page Ad.
  3. Your Home Page Link.
  4. Your Contact information and e-mail address.
  5. More than 30,000 valuable information links to give your customers a good reason to return and save your site, and tell others.
  6. Banner Ads on Home page and other main relevant categories.
  7. “Go Local” - Thousands of Local Resources sponsored by you in your state with 12 Banner Ads on your special pages.
  8. Our time-tested proven system that will quickly work for your company.

Advertising Options

It's simple! Just select one of the advertising options shown below. Then call the Sales department at 949-360-4098 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Coast Time. Or e-mail us at access71@cox.net 


Option 1:  Under Accessible Van Rentals, Accessible Van Sales, Mobility Products & Services, Medical Transport, Jet Charters

$ 600.00 For 6-Month Listings
5-Star Featured Listings Provides Your Company With:
  • Your State’s Top Listing Position, only 4 based on availability

  • Your Company’s Full Page Listing

  • Your Web URL

  • Your Toll Free & Local Numbers

  • Your Reservations & E-mail address

  • Your page Links to the most requested information

  • Only $300.00 extra for 2nd listing under another category, 3rd listing is free.

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Option 2: Your Personal “Go Local” Listings:

$ 400.00 For 6 Months - Includes:
  • Your State’s “Go Local” 18 to 20 pages, with 12 to 18 banners

  • Your Company’s Full Page Listing

  • Your Web URL

  • Your Toll Free & Local Numbers

  • Your Reservations & E-mail address

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Option 3: Your Accessible Vacation Rentals Listing:

$ 150.00 For 12 Months - Includes:

Listing Details:

  • $100.00 Extra Featured Listing No.1 Spot: Each State

  • Attractive listings with up to 6 photos & descriptive text.

  • Pages include icons representing property features

  • We only List Wheelchair Accessible Properties.

  • Contact information including Phone # and e-mail, so people can inquire about your property directly to you.

  • Multiple Property Listings Only $100.00 per year additional.


Option 4: Banner Ad Listings:

Home Page $300.00 Per Month, 3 Month Minimum - Includes:

Category pages $200.00 Per Month Banner Ads, 3-Month Minimum:

  • Accessible Van Rentals

  • Accessible Van Sales

  • Mobility Products & Services

  • Airlines

  • Access Hotels

  • Transportation

  • Cruises

  • Vacation Rentals

  • Your Health

  • Seniors

  • Non-Medical Transport

  • Jet Charters

  • Dating

  • Pet Services

  • Best Access Cities

  • Wheel Chair Taxis

  • Disability Secrets

  • Discounts & Free Stuff

  • Reimbursements

  • College Secrets

  • Medical Travel

  • Home Resources

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Call the Sales department with any questions at: 949-360-4098 Pacific Coast Time 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Or e-mail us at access71@cox.net 

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