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-- Featuring Care Giver Support Products (CGSP) - A Year Later --

A Very Good Year

By Clive Soden

During its first year on the market, the FAWSsit™ Fold-Away Wheelchair Shower has helped hundreds of people with disabilities enjoy the comfort and health benefits of a warm shower. At Care Giver Support Products (CGSP), the company that produces the FAWSsit Shower, staff members are excited about the interest generated by their very successful first product.

As with most successful products, the self-contained FAWSsit Shower was designed with simplicity in mind. In about five minutes and without tools, the caregiver can set up the FAWSsit Shower anywhere there is warm water, a drain and electricity. The person in the wheelchair then rolls into the shower, takes a shower, and then rolls back out. The FAWSsit Shower provides easy access for caregivers, weighs only 38 pounds and folds up for storage.

For Judy Seidmeyer, President and CEO of CGSP, the past year has been rewarding not only for the business success but also for the happiness the FAWSsit Shower brings to her customers. She recalled one customer who had only sponge baths for 12 years. “I could see tears in her eyes when she received her FAWSsit Shower,” Judy said.

CEO, Judy Seidmeyer with FAWSsit Shower

Other customers have shown the same gratitude and appreciation. “I love the FAWSsit Shower,” said Evelyn L. “It’s made bathing so much easier for me. Thank God, I have it.” Another customer, Eric R, said, “My first shower made me feel like a new man!  Thank you for giving that personal touch for those in need.”

One of CGSP’s best-known customers is Paralympic Gold Medalist, Darwin Holmes, who uses a wheelchair as a skateboard or snowboard and has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of his sport (Darwin’s Web site is www.darwinholmes.com).  As described in skateboarding terms on Hurley.com, “Darwin is the only paraplegic to ever ride transition and vertical in his wheelchair” – which means he does some very scary stunts. One thing that accompanies Darwin to all his athletic competitions is his FAWSsit Shower. “I take the FAWSsit everywhere I go,” Darwin said, “I plug it into my Honda Element’s cigarette lighter.” Darwin said it used to take him over 2 hours to take a shower but, with the FAWSsit Shower, it takes just 20 minutes. The FAWSsit Shower also helps Darwin maintain his healthy lifestyle. “It just makes it a lot easier to keep yourself clean and keep down infections, plus it disinfects the wheelchair,” he said. “It will give a lot of people independence and a sense of pride.” 

Like a lot of other people, Darwin has found that the FAWSsit Shower not only saves time but also saves money. Because the FAWSsit Shower is so quick and easy to use, Darwin decided he didn't need to have his bathroom remodeled to accommodate an accessible shower. It also gave him more options when buying another home.

With its success, CGSP has received its share of awards and recognition. The FAWSsit Shower received the Most Innovative New Product award at the MedTrade 2005 Convention in Atlanta where over a 1000 companies displayed their medical equipment. The FAWSsit Shower was also featured on The Learning Channel’s Inside Health with Peggy Fleming. CGSP is a member of National Association of Government Contractors (NAGC), a registrant in the Central Contractor Registry (CCR), and a member of the Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (SATH).

However, success has not made the staff at CGSP complacent. In addition to their Standard shower model, designated the FAWSsit-S, the company is now offering three additional models. “The evolution of the product arose from necessity and demand,” said Pat Johnson, Marketing Vice President for CGSP. “The original FAWSsit met the needs of many disabled individuals, and yet there were some who were unable to benefit from the original design.” Pat explained that individuals requiring a reclining wheelchair or obese people requiring a bariatric wheelchair were unable to use the original design. To meet these needs, CGSP now offers the FAWSsit-R Reclining model and the FAWSsit-B Bariatric model. The FAWSsit-B is custom made to match the customer’s requirements.

FAWSsit-R, Reclining Model

As the FAWSsit Shower’s popularity has grown, it has gained the attention of people without disabilities - and CGSP is meeting this need as well. “Our newest design,” Pat said, “is the FAWSsit-T which is a stand-up shower developed for able-bodied individuals.” Pat added that people who request the FAWSsit-T Tall model are using it for camping, poolside and remodeling activities. “Some interest has also been shown by the military and civic groups for hazardous-material use,” Pat said.


For further details of the FAWSsit Shower products, refer to the CGSP Web site at: www.fawssit.com.


Clive Soden is a writer and Web developer. His Web site is: www.clivesoden.com.


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FAWSsit-T, Tall Model


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