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Find My New Buddy

Welcome to our “Find My New Buddy” page. Here you’ll find resources for all your pets’ needs. Plus services & support for seniors and people with disabilities. This page will help you care for your pets!


People who own pets, especially dogs, have been shown to be less stressed and require fewer visits to their physicians than non-owners. Life expectance for heart attack victims who had a pet have been shown to be 12% longer than for those who did not have one, according to one of the first studies dealing with the impact pets can have on our health.

Pet owners have also been shown to have lower blood pressure. The reasons for these findings are most likely related to an array of psychological factors, such as the facts that owning a pet decreases loneliness and depression, encourages laughter and nurturing, and stimulates exercise. Plus your pets never forget that you love them.

Just Love Me!


The Animal Rescue Site

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| Pennsylvania | Massachusetts | Maryland | Minnesota | Missouri | New Jersey | New York |
| North Dakota | Ohio | Oregon | Texas | Tennessee | Washington | Virginia | Pet Friendly Hotels |



"Find My New Buddy” National Resources


Service Dog resources throughout the U.S. by state
A directory of organizations involved with guide dogs, hearing dogs, support dogs, search and rescue dogs.


Air Travel With Service Dogs
The Airline Carrier Access Act protects your right to fly with your service dog. Here are the latest regulations and how to use them.


State By State Access Laws for Guide Dogs


Pet Finder.com Adopt a Homeless Pet National Search

Locate Shelters and Rescue Groups.


Service Dog Directory U.S. International


Assistance Dogs of America, Inc.
Non-profit organization that primarily trains shelter and rescued dogs for placement with disabled handlers.


Paws with a Cause
Trains hearing dogs and service dogs for people with disabilities, provides lifetime support, and promotes awareness through education. Includes a calendar of events, donation form and wish list, and job opportunities.


Guide Dogs
Listing of organizations training and working with service dogs for the disabled.


An organization that provides Service and Hearing Dogs nationally.


Loving Paws
Assistance for Special Dogs for Special Kids


Canines For Disabled Kids


Guide Dogs of America
Serving the blind community for over 50 years.


Handicapped Pets.com
Products, services, and support for elderly, disabled, and handicapped pets. We help you care for them.


The Pet Work

The Pet Work is a national network of pet resources, pet-related sites, and information about pets, for the people who love them.


The Pet Work Service Animals


4 Paws For Ability


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International Service Dogs


Assistance Dogs International
A description of a "Service Dog" as defined by the organization that sets the industry standards for training and placing Assistance Dogs worldwide.


International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
A non-profit, cross-disability organization representing people partnered with guide, hearing, and service dogs.


International Puppyraisers List
Web page for the IPR list, but also contains links and information on service dogs, puppy raising, and organizations.




"Find My New Buddy” State Resources





Happy Tails Service Dogs
We teach persons with disabilities how to train their own dog to become a service dog as recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Power Paws Assistance Dogs
We are dedicated to empowering people with disabilities for greater independence through the use of skilled Service Dogs, Home Helpmates, Social Dogs, and Therapy Dogs.


Top Dog
Arizona organization that helps disabled person’s train their own service dogs.




Endless Paw Abilities Adopt one of our Dogs




Canine Companions for Independence
One of the original organizations.  Their FAQ is excellent, well worth reading. They train dogs for physically disabled persons as well as hearing impaired persons


Canine Support Teams
A California based non-profit organization that provides specially trained dogs to people with disabilities other than blindness.


K-9 Crossroads
We rescue shelter dogs and train them as either Service or Hearing Alert Dogs in Northern California.


Guide Dogs for the Blind
Guide Dogs for the Blind is a nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to provide Guide Dogs and training in their use to visually impaired people throughout the United States and Canada.  Our dogs and services are free to those we serve.





Freedom Service Dogs, Inc.
Rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to assist people with physical disabilities; places trained service dogs with disabled individuals at no charge and provides lifetime support for the team; and educates the public about assistance dogs.




East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD)
Raises, trains, and places dogs with disabled individuals. Also works with emotional service dogs for facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes and for individual homes.




Florida Canines Assisting People, Inc
This organization rescues dogs and retrains them to act as service dogs for mobility impaired, hearing impaired and seizure disordered people.


New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc.
Non-profit Florida-based organization that partners trained dogs with disabled handlers.




Canine Partners For Life
Canine Partners For Life trains and places service dogs with physically disabled.


Eagles' Wings Service Dogs
SPCA that matches mobility impaired individuals     with specially trained, homeless shelter dogs to assist their partners in gaining greater personal independence and to more fully participate in community life.


Susquehanna Service Dogs 
Service dog training organization, also contains links to other organizations and training information.




Fidos for Freedom, Inc.
Provides trained service, hearing, and therapy dogs to the Baltimore, Washington, community. Site includes donation form, photos, and a donation wish list.




Canines for Disabled Kids
A national nonprofit organization based in Princeton, MA. That trains a variety of dogs to help children who are deaf or physically disabled.





Support Dogs, Inc.
Non-profit agency founded in 1981 and based in St. Louis Missouri. Trains and places service and therapy dogs. History, events, policies, programs, newsletters, and photos.


New Jersey


K9 Service Dogs of New Jersey: Helping Hands
Trains dogs to act as helping hands for people who have no hands or have poor dexterity. Newsletter, training, dog care, and service dog law information.


New York


Canine Helpers for the Handicapped, Inc.
Nonprofit organization trains hearing dogs, service dogs, mobility dogs, and therapy dogs.


North Dakota


Great Plains Assistance Dogs Foundation
A nonprofit assistance dog organization dedicated to providing assistance dogs, therapy dogs, seizure alert dogs and companion dogs for the physically challenged and people with disabilities.




Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota
Dedicated to helping people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or disabled to become more independent and self confident by pairing them with specially trained assistance dogs.




4 Paws For Ability
Non-profit agency placing mobility, hearing, seizure, autism, and emotional assistance dogs with children and adults with disabilities. Includes a calendar of events, FAQ, and information about raising and donating puppies.




Freely My Life
The Life of a Service Dog. Includes service dog info, service dog links, disability information, vestibular disorders and mental illness information. Understand the partnership of a Service Dog Team.




CastleRock's Special Assisting Canines
Trains dogs to perform mobility assistance and other services.




Canine Companions for Independence: Heart of Texas Chapter           Upcoming and past events, how to help, how to apply for a dog, and a FAQ.


Texas Hearing and Service Dogs
Texas organization that trains and places service and hearing dogs.


Washington State


Delta Society: The National Service Dog Center (NSDC)
Information, resources, and FAQ about service dogs put out by the Delta Society.




Blue Ridge Assistance Dogs
Dedicated to providing individuals with disabilities professionally selected and trained Social/Therapy and Service Dogs.



Pet Friendly Hotels


When We Travel.com Pet Friendly Hotels in the U.S.


Best Pet Friendly Hotels


Let’s Go Pets .Com


Bring Your Pet 
Worldwide Locations



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